3 Ways to Effectively Prevent Dementia!

Dementia is becoming more and more common in developed countries, but many people still ignore the signs of dementia, so that when the symptoms worsen, they often miss many opportunities to seek medical treatment. Because dementia cannot be cured, it is important to treat it early and slow down the progression of the disease.

We will briefly introduce you to what dementia is, its causes, symptoms, and share 3 ways to prevent dementia.


What is dementia?

Dementia is a symptom of brain lesions and degeneration, leading to decline in thinking ability, judgment, communication ability and concentration, which in turn affects normal life. If two or more of the following cognitive and daily behavioral abilities are significantly weakened, you need to pay attention to whether you are suffering from dementia and go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible:


    1. Memory
    2. Communication and Language Skills
    3. Concentration
    4. Comprehension and Judgment




Causes of dementia

The main cause of dementia is damage to brain cells, which makes the cells in charge of various behaviors out of control, which in turn affects people’s daily life and ability.

Degenerative neurological diseases can cause dementia, cardiovascular diseases, brain injuries, brain diseases, central nervous system infections, chronic alcohol and drug abuse, etc. Genetic inheritance is also one of the reasons.


What are the symptoms of dementia?

Early symptoms of dementia include:


    1. Memory loss
    2. Diminished attention
    3. Confusion
    4. Personality or behavior changes
    5. Apathy, withdrawal, or depression
    6. Unable to handle daily chores

If the following conditions are present, it is a serious warning sign and it is likely to be dementia:


    1. Can’t remember things often, or completely forget them, even when reminded
    2. Mood swings, ups and downs with no reason
    3. No longer interested in things you usually enjoy
    4. Can’t remember simple words, often speaks incomprehensible words, or cannot understand other people’s speech
    5. Can’t remember where certain places are or are completely disoriented, and don’t know where you are
    6. Loss of understanding abstract things, such as the concept of numbers
    7. Poor judgment ability, such as not knowing what to wear in cold weather, or disordered spatial concept, unable to clarify distance or direction


How to prevent dementia?

To prevent dementia, you can start with the following 3 parts:

1. Regular exercise

Exercise is good for the operation and circulation of the cardiovascular system, and it is also good for the brain, allowing blood and oxygen to flow into the brain. It is recommended not to sit for a long time. Try to exercise more than 3 times a week with mild aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, walking or cycling, for 30 minutes each time, or 75 minutes of high-intensity jogging and swimming. In addition, you can also do exercises that strengthen your muscles, such as push-ups and sit-ups.

2. Eat less sugar and salt

Diet control can help prevent dementia. Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and eat protein-rich foods such as fish, eggs, meat, beans, and legumes at least twice a week.

Try to reduce the intake of foods containing sugar, salt and saturated fat, and instead consume natural starches, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

In addition, you can try a Mediterranean diet. The main dietary guideline is to eat less red meat and more grains, vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken, nuts, olive oil or other healthy oils. Also, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

3. Participate in mind-strengthening activities

It is recommended to engage in some mental strengthening activities, such as taking classes, learning languages, playing puzzles, card games, board games, reading, writing, dancing, etc., or participating in social activities, such as community college gardening, cooking, learning musical instruments, etc. Or serve as a volunteer, get in touch with relatives and friends, go out and eat together, etc.




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While growing older is inevitable, many of the troubles we associate with aging–including dementia, disability, and an increased dependence on others–are not. The choices we make now can help us to maintain our vitality, a sharp mind, and our independence as we age. Filled with simple, everyday actions we can take to avoid disease,

The End of Alzheimer’s Programme

The scientifically-proven practical plan to help reverse Alzheimer’s and prevent cognitive decline from the international bestselling author of The End of Alzheimer’s. Following his ground-breaking book that transformed how we think about Alzheimer’s and its treatment, world-renowned neurology expert Dale Bredesen provides an unprecedented hands-on guide to achieving complete brain health.

Dementia Myth

The diagnosis, treatment and reporting of dementia is a massive and previously unrecognised scandal. The staggering fact is that most cases of dementia could probably be cured in a week or two. Anyone who says otherwise i either woefully misinformed or a drug company mouthpiece. The author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA is a Sunday Times bestselling author …

Supplement to Improve Alzheimer’s

  • Benefit of Phosphatidyl Serine

    1. Improve Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
    2. Help Alzheimer’s disease
    3. Reduce Anxiety
    4. Reduce Depression
    5. Prevent Multiple sclerosis
    6. Reduce Stress

  • Benefit of Probiotic

    1. Beneficial for COVID-19
    2. Good for diabetes and blood sugar control
    3. Beneficial blood lipid regulation
    4. Beneficial for postoperative ileus
    5. Reduce gastroesophageal reflux in infants
    6. Beneficial for early-onset childhood caries
    7. Beneficial for antibiotic-associated diarrhea
    8. Beneficial immune function
    9. Good for Pediatric Colic
    10. Beneficial for inflammatory bowel disease
    11. Beneficial for celiac disease
    12. Aid in weight loss
    13. Beneficial for recurrent aphthous stomatitis
    14. Beneficial sleep quality
    15. Prevention of diarrhea caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy
    16. Beneficial for Alzheimer’s
    17. Beneficial for Vaginal Infections
    18. Beneficial psychological stress
    19. Beneficial for acute upper respiratory infection
    20. Good for allergies
    21. Beneficial for chronic periodontitis
    22. Beneficial for blood pressure regulation
    23. Reduce the incidence of allergies and atopic constitution in children
    24. Beneficial for postoperative wound infection
    25. Beneficial for irritable bowel syndrome
    26. Improve high cholesterol
    27. Good for colorectal cancer

Supplement for Anti-aging

  • Benefit of Alpha-Lipoic Acid

    1. Scavenge free radicals, prevent skin aging, and improve skin damage
    2. Reduce and prevent wrinkles, improve skin luster and elasticity
    3. Improve dark circles and enlarged pores
    4. Lipoic acid regenerates vitamins C, E, coenzyme Q10 that have lost their antioxidant capacity, and enhances antioxidant levels
    5. Improve memory decline and promote brain health
    6. Lipoic acid helps maintain liver health
    7. Lipoic acid has a protective effect on the retina
    8. This product may help stabilize blood sugar
    9. Lipoic acid is extremely important for energy production
    10. Lipoic acid can regenerate by itself and has a long-lasting effect.


  • Benefit of Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids

    1. Enhance immune function, prevent colds It can help white blood cells fight bacteria and viruses and enhance immunity.
    2. Promote wound healing It is a nutrient required for collagen production. Collagen is an important component of connective tissue, which can maintain a tight arrangement between cells and promote skin wound healing.
    3. Whitening, anti-aging, skin health.
    4. Anti-cancer, antioxidant.
    5. Delay the occurrence of cataracts.
    6. Prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Benefit of Hyaluronic Acid

    1. Improve skin condition
    2. Good for osteoarthritis
    3. Good for gastroesophageal reflux
  • Benefit of N-acetylcysteine NAC

    1. Improve brain health and
    2. For people with conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
    3. Help with psychiatric disorders and addictive behaviors,
    4. Treatment of rodenticide poisoning
    5. Beneficial for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    6. Adjuvant COVID-19 Treatment
    7. For male idiopathic infertilityFor acute respiratory distress syndromeFor OCD
    8. For schizophrenia
    9. Beneficial in non-acetaminophen-induced acute liver failure
  • Benefit of Now Foods Omega-3, Molecularly Distilled 30 Softgels

    1. Fight Depression and Anxiety.
    2. Improve Eye Health
    3. Promote Brain Health During Pregnancy and Early Life.
    4. Improve Risk Factors for Heart Disease.
    5. Reduce Symptoms of ADHD in Children.
    6. Reduce Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome.
    7. Fight Inflammation.
    8. Fight Autoimmune Diseases.
    9. Improve Mental Disorders.
    10. Fight Age-Related Mental Decline and Alzheimer’s Disease.
    11. May Help Prevent Cancer.
    12. Reduce Asthma in Children.
    13. Reduce Fat in Your Liver.
    14. Improve Bone and Joint Health.
    15. Alleviate Menstrual Pain.
    16. May Improve Sleep.
    17. Good For Your Skin
  • Benefit of Ubiquinol

    1. Beneficial for blood lipid regulation
    2. Improve physical activity-related fatigue
    3. Beneficial for vascular endothelial function
    4. Can help lose weight
    5. Improve disease-related fatigue
    6. Good for blood sugar control
    7. Good for migraine
    8. Improve inflammation markers
    9. Good for heart failure
    1. Help to prevent and treat conditions such as prostate enlargement
    2. Help liver disease and cirrhosis; and zinc,
    3. Combined with other oxidants including vitamins C, E and beta-carotene, may be helpful in slowing the progression of age-related macular degeneration.
  • Benefit of Acetyl L-Carnitine

    1. Rejuvenate cell mitochondria and maintain their normal energy production, thus maintaining health
    2.  Is a premium fat burning nutrient with stress management and nervous system protection benefits
    3. Restore the metabolism of fat and blood sugar to normal, promote better metabolism and brain function
    4. It has a high protective effect on the circulatory system of hyperglycemia
    5. Restore brain energy, prevent brain damage and decline, reduce free radicals and fat formation
    6. Has higher mental energy levels and better concentration
    7. Can improve the clarity of thinking, more alertness and greater awareness of perception
    8. It has the effect of reducing neutral fat and bad cholesterol, and can also inhibit the accumulation of liver and myocardial fat
    9. Helps increase protein muscle mass while reducing “leptin resistance”
    10.  It is especially good at protecting nerve cells and has a very significant effect on nerve regeneration
    11. Increases production of serotonin and dopamine, making it a true natural antidepressant
    12. Restorative and energizing to the liver, helps metabolize calories in a more youthful manner
    13. It easily crosses the blood-brain barrier to support cognitive function, improve memory and learning ability
    14. It can help the brain memory of the elderly and prevent the decline of memory in the elderly
    15. Helps to slow down degeneration or even restore brain function after stroke traumatic brain injury
    16. Helps improve children with autism
    17. It has a direct anti-aging effect on mitochondria and reverses memory loss
    18. It is a fat-soluble anti-gasification agent and is highly active in nerves; provides excellent protection from stress and excitotoxic damage

Supplement to Improve Dementia

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