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  • Benefits of Now Foods Adam

    1. Supports the musculoskeletal system,
    2. Supports the immune system and
    3. Supplements our body with various micro and macroelements.
    4. Helps maintain dark vision
    5. Improves skin and mucous membrane health
    6. Improve calcium absorption,
    7. Help bones and teeth grow and develop
    8. Helps maintain normal physiology of nerves and muscles
    9. Antioxidant,
    10. Helps reduce free radical production
    11. Improve skin and blood cell health
    12. Activates coagulation proteins in the liver and blood,
    13. Contributing to the normal coagulation function of the blood
    14. Promote bone calcification
    15. Antioxidant
    16. Promote iron absorption
    17. Promotes collagen formation to aid in wound healing
    18. Contributes to normal red blood cell formation
    19. Helps in the transport and utilization of oxygen
    20. It is a component of insulin and various enzymes
    21. Helps maintain growth and reproductive function
    22. Promotes protein synthesis in skin tissue
    23. Contributes to the normal function of the heart, muscles and nerves
    24. Helps maintain normal carbohydrate metabolism
    25. Contributes to the normal development of bones and teeth
  • Benefits of Boron

    1. Anti-inflammatory effects.
    2. Help alleviate arthritis.
    3. Improve brain function.
    4. Has anticancer effects.
    5. Boronated compounds used in the treatment of several types of cancer.
    6. Maintain bone density.
    7. Accelerate the healing of fractures.
    8. Relieve rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.
    9. Adjusting your body’s natural production of testosterone and estradiol, a type of estrogen.
    • Strengthens bones.
    • Fortifies tooth enamel.
    • Prevents bone loss and osteoporosis.
    • Helps with muscle contractions.
    • Prevents heart disease.
    • Lowers high blood pressure.
    • Increases metabolism.
    • Prevents gastric and colorectal cancers.
  • Benefit of Vitamin A

    1. Helps maintain dark vision
    2. Improves skin and mucous membrane health

    Benefit of Vitamin C

    1. Antioxidant
    2. Promote iron absorption
    3. Promotes collagen formation to aid in wound healing

    Benefit of Vitamin D

    1. Improve calcium absorption,
    2. Help bones and teeth grow and develop
    3. Helps maintain normal physiology of nerves and muscles

    Benefit of Vitamin E

    1. Antioxidant,
    2. Helps reduce free radical production
    3. Improve skin and blood cell health

    Benefit of Vitamin K

    1. Activates coagulation proteins in the liver and blood,
    2. Contributing to the normal coagulation function of the blood
    3. Promote bone calcification
  • Benefit of Now Foods Full Spectrum Mineral

    1. Prevent bone-related diseases.
    2. Prevent premenstrual syndrome.
    3. Prevent thigh cramps.
    4. Helps maintain the normal secretion of thyroid hormones.
    5. Helps maintain normal growth
    6. Regulates cellular oxidation.
    7. Boosts the immune system.
    8. Speeds up wound healing.
    9. Reduce the risk of age-related diseases.
    10. Helps treat acne.
    11. Reduce inflammation.
    12. Helps Improve Libido.
    13. Maintain skin health.
    14. Maintain thyroid function and prevent hypothyroidism
    15. Helps maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis and fractures
    16. Promote metabolic efficiency, help fat loss and weight control
    17. Health care of the cardiovascular system.
  • Benefit of Hyaluronic Acid

    1. Improve skin condition
    2. Good for osteoarthritis
    3. Good for gastroesophageal reflux
  • Benefit of Beef Gelatin

    1. Collagen and gelatin contribute to the infrastructure of connective tissue throughout. Regular consumption of these proteins helps repair and care for the intestines, skin, hair, tendons, cartilage, bones and joints.
    2. Supports joint health, comfort and mobility.
    3. Supports gut health and digestion due to the role of amino acids in promoting the integrity of the gut lining
    4. Boost muscle mass
    5. Reduce hunger
    6. Supports bone health
    7. Assist with blood sugar control
    8. Supports cognitive functions, including memory and learning
    9. Helps Athletic Performance and Recovery
    10. Helps maintain healthy, youthful skin
    11. Promotes healthy hair and strong nails
    12. Promote quality sleep
  • L-Proline is the only one of the twenty DNA-encoded amino acids which has a secondary amino group alpha to the carboxyl group. It is an essential component of collagen and is important for proper functioning of joints and tendons. It also helps maintain and strengthen heart muscles.

  • Benefit of Maca

    1. It is good for bone health
    2. Improve Chronic Mountain Sickness
    3. Improves sperm quality and promotes fertility
    4. Improve female sexual dysfunction
    5. Beneficial athletic performance
    6. Improves erectile dysfunction
    7. Increases male sexual desire
    8. Boosts reproductive hormones such as testosterone
    9. Improves Cognitive Function
    10. Beneficial for Prostate Fat
  • Benefit of Now Foods Omega-3, Molecularly Distilled 30 Softgels

    1. Fight Depression and Anxiety.
    2. Improve Eye Health
    3. Promote Brain Health During Pregnancy and Early Life.
    4. Improve Risk Factors for Heart Disease.
    5. Reduce Symptoms of ADHD in Children.
    6. Reduce Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome.
    7. Fight Inflammation.
    8. Fight Autoimmune Diseases.
    9. Improve Mental Disorders.
    10. Fight Age-Related Mental Decline and Alzheimer’s Disease.
    11. May Help Prevent Cancer.
    12. Reduce Asthma in Children.
    13. Reduce Fat in Your Liver.
    14. Improve Bone and Joint Health.
    15. Alleviate Menstrual Pain.
    16. May Improve Sleep.
    17. Good For Your Skin
  • Benefit of Vitamin D3

    1. It can improve the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and promote the saturation of calcium and phosphorus levels in plasma.
    2.  It can promote human growth and development and bone calcification, and protect the health of teeth.
    3. It can increase the absorption of phosphorus through the intestinal wall and increase the reabsorption of phosphorus through the renal tubules.
    4. It can promote the balance of citrate in the blood.
    5. It can prevent the loss of amino acids by the kidneys.
    6. It can reduce the incidence of common cancers, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and so on.
    7. It can prevent autoimmune diseases, hypertension and infectious diseases.
    8. Vitamin D3 can regulate the development and function of the placenta, so pregnant women maintain sufficient vitamin D3 content to prevent miscarriage, preeclampsia and premature birth.

    Benefit of Vitamin K2

    1. Vitamin K2 helps build strong bones, allowing calcium to move into appropriate parts of the body such as bones and teeth; it also helps to get rid of calcium where it shouldn’t be.
    2. Vitamin K2 plays an important role in the protection of the heart and brain.
    3. It plays an important role in cancer protection against.
    4. Helps balance blood sugar and fight diabetes.
    5. Boost energy and fight fatigue.
    6. Supports kidney function and eliminates kidney stones.