Preventive Medicine

What is preventive medicine?

In the past, people only knew that they should go to the doctor when they were sick. They would go to the doctor as long as they felt uncomfortable, which led to the vigorous development of medicine. However, some people also thought, do people have to wait until they are sick before going to the doctor? Are there any ways to prevent getting sick? Or how to reduce the symptoms of your illness?
Therefore, many people use their time to take supplements that are beneficial to their bodies, such as tonics and medicated wine, to prevent illness. This is the origin of preventive medicine.
But with the advent of a new generation, people’s knowledge is getting wider and the areas they can understand are wider. Can’t we increase our health index ourselves?

Therefore, with the emergence of health food and the media promoting the benefits of exercise in many ways, a healthy body is necessary for people. From the emperors who pursued immortality in ancient times, we can know that people are pursuing a healthy body. Living a better life is just not the same as the circulation of information in the world today in ancient civilizations, so we know how to resist diseases and prevent diseases that may occur. With the development of science and technology, we can live a healthier and more beautiful life.

In modern times, due to the increase in national income and the increase in average life expectancy, the age structure is gradually aging, and chronic diseases have become the biggest threat to modern people. “Prevention is better than cure” is a well-known truth, but not all people are Know the methods and importance of disease prevention.

Early prevention, healthy and worry-free

Moreover, under the threat of chronic diseases, many diseases can be cured by prevention beforehand or control afterward.
Even acute diseases can be greatly reduced by rich medical knowledge and correct disease prevention concepts.
Therefore, the promotion of preventive medicine research is the best way to protect modern people from the threat of disease.

Importance of preventive medicine to health

Preventive medicine concept

The concept of preventive medicine is to integrate health examination, nutritious diet, exercise and health management. It can prevent health conditions before abnormalities occur and diseases have not yet occurred. Since the occurrence of many diseases is related to lifestyle, such as When metabolism is abnormal, you can prevent the occurrence of diabetes by improving your lifestyle, and if you have diabetes, you can also delay the occurrence of complications.