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The Weight Loss Effect of Eggs is Beyond Your Imagination

Can Eating Eggs Help You Weight Loss? That’s right! The amount of carbohydrate in an egg is only 0.1g! It is a food with almost no carbs. The main reason for getting fat and thin is not the calories, but the amount of carbs! Everyone can easily lose weight by adjusting their carbs-heavy diet. And there are also studies that have confirmed that the satiety of eggs is longer and can reduce the intake of more calories. In addition, it can also promote the stability of blood sugar and insulin, and effectively suppress appetite! So, eggs are really a super food for weight loss!


Eggs are low-carbs foods that won’t make you fat

Eggs contain almost no carbs. It is one of the foods that will not make you fat. When it comes to eggs, it seems many people think cholesterol is too high and they will gain weight. In fact, eggs are suitable for weight loss. The calorie of 1 egg is 76 kcal, which may be more than 14 kcal of a small cucumber and 29 kcal of a tomato, so it doesn’t feel much. However, when it comes to the amount of carbs, 1 egg is only 0.1g, which is almost zero! For the cucumber mentioned above, the amount of carbs is 2g, and tomato is 5.6g. Therefore, the carbs content of eggs is really low, and it is the first class in food! From this point of view, eggs are suitable for weight loss.


Use eggs to increase fat burning and become a slim physique

If you can make good use of eggs in your diet, you can reduce the amount of excess carbs. When there is no excess carbs in the body, it will not be stored in fat cells. This way, you can break out of the obesity cycle. In addition, when the amount of carbs in the body is insufficient, it will switch to the circuit of obtaining energy through burning body fat, so that the body will naturally become slim. In addition, eggs also contain the source of beautiful muscle lines—protein—and are rich in vitamins that can improve metabolism and create a slim physique. Nutritionally, it is also a helper for weight loss.


Change snacks and staple food into eggs

First, try changing the snacks into eggs! For example, the amount of sugar in an ordinary bread is 43g, which is about 13 cubes of sugar! As long as you switch to boiled eggs, the weight loss effect will be significant! It will not cause the blood sugar level to rise rapidly, and it will also give you a sense of satiety. You can easily get out of the obesity cycle and switch your eating life to a slim cycle. In addition, changing staple foods such as rice (1 bowl of carbs 55g) or pasta (1 serving of carbs 59g) into an egg omelet is also a way to reduce carbs.


Eggs, also known as “complete food”, are nutritious foods during weight loss period

Through eggs, almost all nutrients except dietary fiber and vitamin C can be absorbed. Eggs contain protein, lipids, vitamin A, vitamin B group, vitamin D, folic acid, calcium, zinc, iron, etc., and almost all nutrients except vitamin C and dietary fiber. The protein content is more than twice that of tofu. For vitamins and minerals, compared with pork, which is also an animal food, iron is 3 times, vitamin A is 25 times, vitamin E is 2.5 times, folic acid is 21.5 times, and eggs are overwhelmingly successful. Among them, egg yolk contains more vitamins, minerals, and even vitamin B12 than egg white, which can help activate brain cells and is a reliable food for supporting physical and mental health.


Weight Loss
Weight Loss Breakfast


Eggs are rich in protein that builds muscle, skin, blood, and more

Protein is an indispensable nutrient for the human body. About 60% of the components that make up the human body are water, about 18% are proteins, about 17% are lipids, and the rest are minerals and sugars. Among them, protein is the most important. When we eat meat and eggs, proteins are broken down into amino acids. Amino acids are reconverted in the body into raw materials for muscles, organs, skin, blood, hormones, and more.


Eggs contain full protein and all the essential amino acids

There are about 500 kinds of amino acids found in nature. However, there are only twenty proteins that make up the human body. Nine of them cannot be synthesized in the human body and must be ingested through diet. They are called “essential amino acids”. And these nine kinds of amino acids can all be absorbed through eggs. In addition, in the numerical evaluation of the protein nutritional value of food ─ ─ “amino acid score” ─ ─, the value of eggs is “100”! This is evidence that eggs contain all the essential amino acids and are excellent in food, both in quality and in quantity.


Use eggs for weight loss and improve basal metabolism

You should have heard of basal metabolism! Basal metabolism refers to the lowest energy consumed without exercising, accounting for about 60-70% of the energy consumed in a day. Since basal metabolism is mainly carried out in muscles, people with more muscle mass will have higher basal metabolism. In other words, high energy consumption = a body that is not prone to obesity.

Muscle building is linked to amino acids (proteins). Many people will naturally build muscle as long as they control the amount of carbs and eat protein-rich foods, such as eggs and meat. Among amino acids, those that can promote muscle growth and inhibit muscle breakdown are isoleucine, leucine, and valine, which are essential amino acids, and glutamine and spermine, which are non-essential amino acids. acids, etc., and these can be absorbed through eggs


Eat more than one egg a day, will not increase your cholesterol

You should have heard that “more than one egg a day will raise cholesterol”. However, in recent years, it has been shown that even eating foods with high cholesterol content will not affect blood cholesterol. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan abolished the upper limit of cholesterol in the Japanese dietary intake standard in 2015. Why?

The nutrition facts list shows that eggs contain a lot of cholesterol (1 egg・210mg). Because of this, we have misunderstood eggs for a long time. As of the 2010 edition, the dietary intake standards for Japanese people announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare clearly set a daily cholesterol intake target amount (less than 750 mg for men and less than 600 mg for women). However, starting from the 2015 edition, the target amount has been canceled, that is, the upper limit of cholesterol intake has been removed. The reason for removing the upper limit is that it is determined that the intake of high-cholesterol foods has nothing to do with diseases such as arteriosclerosis, heart disease, and stroke, and loses the basis for setting the original target value. Eighty percent of the body’s cholesterol is synthesized in the body, and only 20% is absorbed through diet. 

What exactly is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a type of lipid that is actually synthesized by the liver. A person weighing 50 kg will produce 600~650 mg in the body a day. The cholesterol needed by the human body, 70-80% will be produced in the liver, and the remaining 20-30% will be absorbed through the diet.

While we worry about having too much cholesterol, the risks of having too little cholesterol are even greater. In fact, there is also data showing that slightly higher cholesterol can lead to a longer life. Nutritious at an affordable price, eggs are really high-quality foods. Don’t use cholesterol as an excuse to stay away from eggs. Take it daily!


Egg Recipes For Weight Loss — Tamagoyaki Japanese omelette

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 1 table spoon of Japanese Dashi Soup Base, 1 table spoon of Mirin, A pinch of salt, 1 table spoon of Soy sauces, Cooking Oil



    1. First, beat the egg as you would for an omelette. Season with a little sugar (Do not add sugar if you are diabetic) , mirin, soy sauce and salt.
    2. Preheat the pan, spread a thin layer of salad oil, then pour in the egg wash. The egg liquid does not need to be poured all at once, just pour one layer first.
    3. Once the bottom starts to solidify, you can start rolling the eggs. Slowly and gently, roll the egg in one layer.
    4. Push the egg roll to one end, spread a layer of salad oil, pour in the egg wash, the egg liquid should be able to connect to the egg roll at one end (this is very important)
    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the egg wash has been poured in, rearranging the shape from time to time.
      Take it out, cut it into desired thickness, and it’s done!


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    1. Help raise serotonin levels in the brain.
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    3. Have a positive effect on sleep, mood, anxiety, appetite, and pain sensations.


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