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6 Tips to Regain Work Efficiency! Get Rid of Monday Blue

You feel listless as soon as you enter the office. You feel sleepy and tired all day long. Do you feel that your efficiency is poor? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every Monday, many people suffer from the so-called “Mondays Blues”. The following will help you understand the causes of Mondays Syndrome and how to defeat it and regain high efficiency!

4 major causes of Monday blue

  1. Catching up on sleep on weekends disrupts the biological clock:
    Many people like to catch up on sleep on weekends, but they always go to bed late and get up late, which disrupts their biological clock and makes them more tired when they go to work on Monday. If you want to be energetic on Monday, go early Going to bed is the answer.
  2. If there is a big emotional gap, you need to adjust your mood:
    According to a report by The New York Times, Monday is not more melancholy than other working days, but because it has just ended a leisurely and happy weekend, and then five consecutive It’s a working day, so there is an emotional gap, which is why Monday syndrome occurs. In addition, many people like to party on weekends. If excessive drinking causes a hangover, it will aggravate Monday syndrome.
  3. Hate work and lose enthusiasm:
    Some people will find that they begin to experience symptoms of Monday syndrome on Sunday evening or even in the afternoon. This probably means that you are not enthusiastic about the job, so you will feel anxious and powerless before going to work. It is worth mentioning that many people fall into this category.
  4. Monday syndrome can cause high blood pressure:
    According to CNN, on Monday morning, even if you don’t drink alcohol, your blood pressure will tend to be higher than that of people who don’t work.

6 tips to prevent Monday blue

  1. Prepare for a rainy day on Friday:
    Most people will feel stressed on Monday and even procrastinate. Instead of this, you can try to prepare next week’s work on Friday, so that when Monday comes, you will not be stressed. Being so big makes it easier to adapt to the next 4 consecutive working days.
  2. Avoid overindulgence and welcome the next week with ease:
    It’s common to indulge in some extravagance on weekends. However, as we age, our bodies are not as good as they used to be. It’s okay to have a few drinks, but don’t get drunk. If you can, go for a walk and exercise outdoors on the weekends. is a good choice.
  3. Get enough sleep on weekends and be more productive at work:
    If you don’t get enough sleep the night before, your productivity will definitely not be as good the next day. If it happens on Monday, the situation may be more serious, so getting enough sleep and good sleep quality are very important. In addition, your wake-up time on holidays should be as consistent as possible on weekdays so as not to disrupt your biological clock.
  4. Helping others will also make you feel better:
    Alexander Kjerulf, the boss of Woohoo, an international company that promotes happy work, said that research on positive psychology shows that helping others and making others happy is a good way to boost morale and mood. Method, help others on the first working day, and your good mood will follow all the way to the weekend.
  5. Find a job you really like:
    We are all under financial pressure to some extent, but this does not mean that you need to do a job you don’t like. Try your best to find a job you like and turn Monday into the day you most look forward to.
  6. Arrange activities that you look forward to:
    If you arrange activities that you like in the evening (such as a regular Monday dinner with friends), this feeling of anticipation may help you better spend your blue Mondays.

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