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1 Minute to Pop the Bubble Wrap = 33 Minutes of Massage! 5 Reasons to Reduce Stress

Do you like popping bubble wrap? For some people, popping bubble wrap is a way to relieve stress. A survey by Kelton Research, an American strategic consulting firm, shows that 1 minute of popping bubble wrap is equivalent to 33 minutes of massage. And it’s completely free. Why popping bubble wrap makes people so crazy? Here are 5 scientific evidences behind this invention.

1.Improve concentration and relieve tense nerves

Popping bubble wrap can improve a person’s concentration. By eliminating other distracting factors, we can focus more on the current work. For example, when you poke bubble wrap while reading an article, your concentration may It will be higher. According to scientific explanation, holding small objects in your hands can help relieve tense nerves and achieve a stress-relieving effect.

2.Relieve muscle tension and calm the mind

Poking bubble wrap can relieve muscle tension. American psychologist Robert E. Thayer explained that when a person is under tension and pressure, he often needs a period of calm thinking. They may tap their fingers unconsciously, Shake your feet or poke bubble wrap. Therefore, popping bubble wrap may have a calming effect on the mind.

3.Release stress and feel better

Popping bubble wrap is a repetitive action that requires a certain amount of concentration to pop each bubble. Stephanie Sarkis, an American psychotherapist, said that it is the process of stress accumulation and release, and when the pressure is like this When stimulated, a large amount of dopamine and norepinephrine are secreted in the brain, making us feel happy.

4.Get a sense of satisfaction like making love

What’s even more interesting is that there is a saying that popping bubble wrap will make the brain feel as satisfying as making love. The Deccan Chronicle, an English-language Indian daily, defined this phenomenon as Autonomous Sensory. Meridian Response (ASMR for short) is the pleasant tingling sensation produced by the body after receiving stimulation, usually on the head, back, and skin surface.

5.Achieving a sense of accomplishment in destruction

In addition to a sense of satisfaction, popping bubble wrap can also give people a sense of accomplishment through destruction and conquest. Just as the pursuit of power and status can make people proud, popping bubbles can also give people satisfaction and joy, as the British essayist Max Beerbohm famously said: “To destroy is still the strongest instinct in nature.”

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