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Working Mothers Are Burning at Both Ends! 5 Tips to Balance Family and Work

There are many working mothers in modern times who are busy working during the day and have to rush home to take care of their children after get off work at night. In the busy life of balancing work and family, most of them have no time to relax alone, and it is difficult to take care of their own health. Mothers may wish to try the following 5 methods to adjust their body and mind and balance the pressure of work and family.

1.Get up early

If a working mother can get up 15 minutes earlier before her child gets up, do some simple yoga stretches, read some favorite books, or arrange the schedule for the day, think about how to make herself happy that day, or even lie in bed and take a few deep breaths. Minutes, etc., are all great ways to improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

2.Plan and prepare ahead of time

Organizational skills are very important for working mothers. If you can plan the events of the day or the near future in advance, it can help reduce the occurrence of emergencies and prevent sudden anxiety and stress. For example, before entrusting your child to a nanny, you can prepare a few extra sets of changes of clothes or other things that may be needed according to the child’s needs.

In addition, try to plan ahead and simplify to-do items. It is recommended to write them down on paper, which will make your thoughts clearer and prevent you from accidentally forgetting due to busyness.

3.Say no and set boundaries when appropriate

Working mothers play multiple roles in life, such as mother, wife, colleague, employee, etc., and try their best to do their best in each role. However, please remember that doing your best work does not mean accepting every request. Please say “no” in a timely manner, refuse some things that you think are minor, and reserve some time and space for yourself so that you will not be disappointed. Overworking.

4.Get enough sleep and exercise

Only with sufficient physical strength can you take care of your family and be competent at work. Therefore, working mothers should try to develop good living habits, such as sleeping for at least 7 hours, eating a balanced diet, and exercising regularly. (Recommended reading: Sleeping brings good health: Sleeping well reduces depression and enhances resistance)

It is worth mentioning that for working mothers, exercise can not only reduce stress, but also stimulate the brain to secrete endorphins, making people feel more happy. Therefore, even if you only spend 20 minutes a day exercising, it has positive effects. Effect.

In addition, although it is difficult for modern people to maintain a healthy lifestyle in their busy lives, hard-working mothers must remember to take good care of their own health and occasionally allow their brains to empty out in a timely manner to avoid burnout caused by stress.

5.Train children to become house helpers

Although children are often the main cause of chaos in the home, they can also be used as little helpers around the house. Most people think that children are too young to take on household chores. In fact, they can be trained to start with tasks around them (such as collecting toys, putting on and taking off clothes), and then give them some household responsibilities that they can handle based on their abilities.

However, you must demonstrate it to your children in the early stages and be tolerant of the mistakes they make during the learning process; once your children have mastered the skills, you can use games and competitive strategies to motivate your children to participate in housework.

Beautiful young woman and child girl little helper are having fun and smiling while doing laundry at home.

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