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Do Birth Control Pills Affect Blood Pressure? 6 Tips to Prevent Stroke in Women

Due to changes in modern lifestyles, stroke has become one of the common diseases among modern people. Even though women may have different risks due to female hormones, pregnancy, childbirth, or other gender-related factors, stroke Just like men, they are at risk of stroke. Here are the 6 most important health tips to help you prevent stroke in women.

6 Tips to Prevent Stroke in Women

The 6 suggestions listed below are taken from the “Guidelines for Preventing Stroke in Women” and are scientifically based. Women, please keep this in mind and carefully track your physical status to maintain your health, because understanding the symptoms and treatment methods of stroke can not only help you save yourself, but also protect the safety of others.

  1. Low-dose aspirin or calcium supplements can reduce the risk of pre-epilepsy
    For pregnant women with high blood pressure, low-dose aspirin or calcium supplements may reduce the risk of pre-epilepsy. Calcium and magnesium can help the body produce a large number of fresh blood cells to meet the needs of pregnancy.
    On the other hand, pregnant women should also confirm whether they maintain an ideal weight, because weight will affect blood pressure. You can use body mass index and other health statistical indicators to confirm your health status. Please quit smoking, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less meat. and fast food to avoid the occurrence of high blood pressure.
  2. Pre-eclampsia increases risk of stroke
    Pre-eclampsia increases a woman’s risk of stroke and high blood pressure, even after pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia doubles the chance of stroke. In addition, according to recent research, pre-epilepsy occurs before 32 weeks of pregnancy. Women with pre-existing symptoms are five times more likely to have a stroke in the future.
  3. Discuss treatment plan with doctor
    Pregnant women with high blood pressure should discuss the treatment plan in detail with their doctor, because everyone’s condition is different. Only your doctor is the person who knows your health best. Please follow your doctor’s advice to continue to improve your health.
  4. Birth control pills may affect blood pressure
    Check your blood pressure before taking birth control pills, as birth control pills may affect your blood pressure and increase your risk of stroke.
  5. Quitting smoking can help reduce the risk of stroke
    Women with migraine problems are especially advised to quit smoking to reduce their chances of suffering a stroke.
  6. Check for atrial fibrillation
    Because atrial fibrillation is often associated with the occurrence of stroke, women over 75 years old should be checked for atrial fibrillation and treated as soon as possible.

Possible factors leading to stroke in women

Menopause, post menopause, oral contraceptives, metabolic syndrome, or other lifestyle issues may all be causes of stroke in women. In addition, depression and other mood disorders are also common risk factors for stroke in women, so women should have regular health checkups for early detection and early treatment.

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