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Stroke While Pregnant! Potential Risks and How to Prevent Them

Pregnant women need to pay attention to their physical condition at all times. No matter what kind of disease or symptoms they have, they must take good care of them; in addition to high blood pressure (Hypertension), diabetes and hemorrhoids , stroke also It is a serious health problem for pregnant women, so how to reduce the risk of stroke during pregnancy and understand this disease. This article will give you a detailed introduction.

Chance of stroke during pregnancy

Surveys show that for every 10,000 pregnant women, 2 to 70 will suffer a stroke during pregnancy. Although the statistics may not seem large, if you look at it in one year, thousands of pregnant women will have a stroke every year. If a pregnant woman has a stroke, There is up to a 10% chance of causing death. However, not all strokes occur during pregnancy, with 10% of strokes in pregnant women occurring before birth, 40% during delivery, and the other 50% occurring within six weeks postpartum.

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Symptoms of stroke during pregnancy

Common stroke symptoms include:

  1. Facial drooping
  2. Weakness of the arm
  3. Difficulty speaking

In addition to stroke, some symptoms may also indicate other health problems that are common during pregnancy. For example, drooping of the face may be a sign of Bell’s palsy or Facial nerve’s inflammation. In addition, feeling in the palm of the hand may Pain, numbness and weakness, not in the arms or thighs, may be Carpal tunnel syndrome, which is common in pregnant women

Sometimes the symptoms of stroke in pregnant women include severe headache, epilepsy (Seizure), or body weakness (on one side or any part of the body). Once you notice that you have the above symptoms, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Risk factors for stroke during pregnancy

There are many risk factors that lead to stroke during pregnancy, such as advanced maternal age, diabetes, migraine, smoking, and cardiovascular disease (Heart disease). However, in addition to the above general risks, some risk factors are simply due to pregnancy, such as : Gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and massive postpartum bleeding; it is worth noting that high blood pressure is still the main cause of stroke in pregnant women. One-third of stroke cases during pregnancy alone are due to high blood pressure.

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How to reduce the risk of stroke during pregnancy

Once it is confirmed that you may have a stroke during pregnancy, it is important to cooperate with your doctor’s instructions; the doctor may ask you to take blood pressure control medications to reduce the chance of blood clots. When you notice possible stroke symptoms, please contact your doctor immediately. Even after giving birth, you still need to pay special attention to your health. Especially when postpartum women are busy taking care of their newborns, they often neglect their own health. Therefore, mothers please remember to receive timely treatment, which can effectively increase the chance of complete recovery after stroke.

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