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Do You Feel Depressed and Unmotivated Every Monday? 5 Tips to Improve Monday Syndrome

Monday syndrome (Monday Blue) refers to the negative emotions that arise at the beginning of a work week and is common in people who are dissatisfied with their current work situation.

If you often feel down, helpless, and extremely tired on Mondays, you may have Monday syndrome. Many people believe that Monday Syndrome is a very common condition that affects everyone, but it is not just a superficial symptom, but also a sign of potential problems at work.

We explain to you why Monday syndrome occurs and share 5 ways to improve it.

Why does Monday syndrome occur?

If you are satisfied with your current job, Monday is the time to continue doing the things you like; but if the opposite is true, Monday represents unfinished business, pressure and challenges.

Monday syndrome affects not only a person’s work performance, but also the people they work with. Experts believe that Monday syndrome can significantly affect the productivity of the entire team and the health of all members.

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5 ways to improve your Monday syndrome

  1. Ask yourself what’s wrong
    First, you need to find out what the problem is. If you always have Monday syndrome, it means there must be a serious problem at work. You should try to solve the problem or change the job track.
  2. Prepare in advance
    The low mood on Monday may come from the work items accumulated last Friday. It is recommended to try to complete all the work before leaving work on Friday, or at least finish some of the terrible work first, and leave the easy work for Monday. , the work load will be lighter on Monday.
  3. Think about the things you love
    There must be other things to look forward to every week, such as dinner on Friday and camping on Saturday. You can list the things that are most exciting, so that you will be more motivated when you go to work.
  4. Get enough sleep and get up early
    Make sure to go to bed early on Sunday night to prepare yourself for work on Monday. If you only get a few hours of sleep, you are likely to feel depressed and tired when you wake up. It is recommended to get enough sleep, get up early, and start Monday morning with a nutritionally balanced and sufficient breakfast.
  5. Wear what you like
    Clothes have a big impact on your mood, and if you dress in a positive way, you can even cheer up your co-workers. Why not save your favorite clothes for wearing on Monday? Not only will it increase your self-confidence, but you will also get some compliments and inject vitality into your life.

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