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Can Diabetics Eat Snack? Three Tips You Should Know!

Can diabetics eat snack? Do you have the habit of eating snacks? Many diabetics eat snacks and they will ask the following questions. What should I do if I want to eat snacks? What kind of snacks can I eat? Here, we will advise you three tips for choosing snacks. If you are a diabetic, sometimes you may want to eat some snacks, and you need to consider the following tips:

Choose The Right Taste

Choose The Right Time

Choose The Right Source

Diabetics Eat Snack? Choose The Right Taste!

The first tip for choosing snacks is “choosing the right taste”. What does it mean? It means try to eat some salty snacks and avoid sweet snacks. All sweet snacks have high fructose content. We have also mentioned before that obese diabetics with fatty liver should reduce the fat in your body. If you want to successfully reverse diabetes and improve pancreatic function, you must reduce the fat accumulated in the liver, muscle and pancreas. Fructose is your enemy of reducing internal fat in your body. 

There has been someone on the Internet who taught us that we can eat dried fruit as a snack. We totally disagree.  Even skinny diabetics with weak pancreatic function should not eat dried fruits. Many dried fruits in supermarkets have added sugar. If they eat snacks with added sugar, their blood sugar will rise after meals. We have said before that postprandial blood sugar should not rise more than 1.7 degrees. Postprandial blood sugar surge will increase the burden on the pancreas. It will be harmful to your pancreas and impossible to reverse diabetes. If diabetics want to eat snacks, try to choose salty snacks and eat less sweet snacks. If you don’t want to spike your sugar level, remember to read the food nutrition label.

Diabetics Eat Snack? Choose The Right Time!

The second tip to choose snacks for diabetics is “Choose the right time” to eat snacks. There are two best times and two worst times. The best time means least impact on reversing diabetes. So-called worst time means it will slow down our pace of reversing diabetes. Let’s talk about the two worst times first. The first worst time, breakfast time. We have talked about obese diabetics with fatty liver before. The two slogans for reversing diabetes are 

“No sugar, less carbon. Take two meals a day”. 

If you eat snacks in the morning, the carbohydrates in the snacks will stop the body burning fat immediately. For skinny diabetics, they can eat breakfast, but if they eat carbohydrate snacks, the chance of a sugar level spike will be very high. For skinny diabetics, please remember, because your pancreatic function is weak, your fasting blood sugar is usually high. For breakfast, you should mainly eat high-quality protein and fat. On the one hand, avoid insufficient protein and cause muscle loss. On the other hand, it is to ensure you have sufficient energy.  As a skinny diabetic, if you take porridge, noodles, bread, wheat husk, dry fruits, and milk powder, etc., your chances of successfully reversing diabetes are almost impossible. There are many skinny diabetics who take medicine on time, but their HbA1c is still 6.5% or above. If they do not eat carbohydrates, the chance of reversing back to pre-diabetes is high. The worst time to take a snack is between meals. Assuming you take your lunch at 12:00 noon, your blood sugar will rise. Then if you eat your dinner at 7:00 pm, your blood sugar will rise again. If you take a snack at 3:00 pm, your blood sugar will rise. Don’t underestimate this blood sugar rise. Each time your blood sugar rises, your pancreas has to work.

Sometimes I work late at night and will feel hungry. What am I supposed to do? It is all because when you take lunch in the afternoon, you did not take sufficient vegetables.  Remember, during your lunch, you need to first take a lot of vegetables, then quality protein or fat, and finally carbohydrates. Your feeling of hunger will be less throughout the day. Also, remember to drink sufficient water.  It is because dehydration increases hunger. If you feel hungry, please try to drink cocoa powder with low sugar content. (below 2g/100g). In 2010, there was an interesting research in the Netherlands. If you eat 85% dark chocolate, your hungry hormone levels will be reduced. Next time, if you feel hungry, make a hot pure cocoa powder drink. Please smell the hot drink first. You will realise that your feeling of hunger disappears. 

There are two timings when snacks do not affect your blood sugar much. The first timing is after dinner. If you want to take snacks, please remember to take a lot of green vegetables first in your dinner, then take quality protein or fat. Then take medicine and do not take carbohydrates. So, you can take a snack afterwards.  It seems complicated, but actually is not. No matter if you are fat or skinny diabetics, please take your snack after lunch or dinner.  Best timing must be taken within one hour after meals. Please do not take snacks for breakfast or between lunch and dinner. Otherwise, your blood sugar will spike three times. Your pancreas will be too busy to support.

Diabetics Eat Snack? Choose The Right Source!

There are many snacks on the market. Where will you buy them? If possible, we suggest you not go to the supermarket to buy. Because most snacks you can buy in the supermarket are unhealthy, such as high in oil, salt, sugar, and many additives.  So you better go online and search for some ketogenic snacks. Usually their ingredients are suitable for diabetics or weight loss.  No matter how, you still need to study the nutrition facts label. It is better with low sugar and low carbohydrates content. 

We live in an era of abundance of food.  We can buy different types of snacks all over the world. It is almost impossible not to take any snack throughout the day. All we need is balance, that is not addicted to eating too much snack.  We found that many people like to eat crisps, and sometimes they are out of control.  But please be serious not to exceed your limit and focus on reversing your diabetes. 

Diabetics Eat Snack

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