Bad Breath And Diabetes

Bad Breath Could Be a Warning Signal of Diabetes

Because of eating habits, such as chili hot food, garlic seasons, and strong herbs, etc., I believe there should be many people with bad breath in their mouths. Of course, it’s not just because of diet or personal oral hygiene. Sometimes, stress, anger, or even physical diseases (gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, etc.) can cause bad breath. If you don’t pay attention, you may miss the chance of reversing diabetes. The bad breath problem we will talk about is a precursor to diabetes, let’s take a look!

There are many reasons for bad breath. We can divide bad breath into “disease-type halitosis” and “non-disease-type halitosis”. The so-called non-disease-type halitosis refers to eating irritating foods, such as garlic, onion, leek, etc., or smoking, chewing betel nuts. Some people have bad personal oral hygiene habits, such as not brushing teeth, no regular dental cleaning, etc. If it is this type of bad breath, the solution is actually very simple, that is, return to normal work and rest, eat less irritating food or food too stimulating to the body.

Another type of bad breath must be taken care of, and that is disease-type bad breath. If you meet with your friend outside, and his mouth has some bad smell when chatting, then you are supposed to help him pay attention to whether his body is ringing the alarm of diseases. Certainly, your friend must be intimate, trust your advice.  The following smells from the mouth are usually related with the diseases:

  1. Urine smell/fishy smell
    The mouth coming out like an ammonia smell may indicate there is a problem with the kidneys, and many patients with kidney dialysis may have such problems.
  2. Sour taste of vomiting
    The mouth smells like vomiting, but there is no feeling of nausea. It may be a lack of stomach acid, that is, a problem with the stomach.
  3. The sour taste of cheese:
    It may be something wrong with the nose, such as nasal congestion, yellow nose, sinusitis, etc.
  4. The sour taste of fruit: it may be a precursor to diabetes, and it is one of the complications of diabetes.

The relationship with diabetes

As mentioned above, if the mouth has a sour taste of fruit, it may be a precursor to diabetes. But why do you say that? And let’s explore the relationship between bad breath and diabetes.

  1. First of all, bad breath is one of the many complications of diabetes. One of the symptoms of diabetes is high blood sugar, which in turn causes disease in the body. Some secreted things will be excreted through the mouth, which is like a rotten fruit sour smell.
  2. In addition to the possibility of bad breath in the mouth, it may also lead to oral-related diseases, such as gum ulcers, periodontal disease, oral ulcers and other symptoms. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to blood sugar and blood pressure, diabetic patients should also pay special attention to subsequent complications, such as oral diseases mentioned above, as well as eye, foot or neuropathy.
Bad Breath
periodontal disease

How to solve the problem of diabetic bad breath?

Usually when we find out that we have bad breath, or tell us that we have bad breath through others, the first reaction must be to find a way to quickly suppress this annoying taste, so we may immediately eat mints, spray mouth fresheners, or brush your teeth diligently. But this is actually the wrong way to cure the root cause. After all, these can only temporarily cover these bad smells, but they will not eliminate the problem for a lifetime. You still have the risk of diabetes or complications. So, what are the ways to solve diabetic halitosis?

  1. Eat two meals a day instead of three
    Diabetes, blood sugar and obesity are closely related. As we stressed, the two slogans before “No sugar, less carbs. Take two meals a day”. Remember, for each meal, you have to eat in the following sequence.  A lot of vegetables first. Then take quality protein or fat, and finally eat a small quantity of carbohydrates. 
  1. Eat more vegetables:
    Not only are diabetics need to eat more vegetables, but some studies have pointed out that people who eat more vegetables will be healthier than those who only eat meat, which means that vegetables have certain nutrients.
  2. Eat less sugary foods:
    Sugary foods are taboo for diabetics, and bad breath caused by diabetes is also caused by high blood sugar. Therefore, eating less sugary foods can reduce the chance of more diseases or complications.
  3. Pay attention to oral hygiene: Although oral hygiene cannot 100% prevent diabetes, it does not mean that there is no need to pay attention to oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is still the biggest key factor in maintaining fresh breath.

You may think, it was just a small bad breath problem, but in fact there is an infinite physical crisis hidden behind it, which is definitely something you never thought about. The human body does not have inexplicable smelly or uncomfortable feelings. If these symptoms appear, they may be a distress signal from the internal organs. Please pay attention to it, so as not to miss the opportunity and make the body worse!

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