Negative Energy Elimination Technique: Through Daily Gratitude Meditation, Let Mindful Thinking Take You Away From Negative Emotions

The American digital media Vox Media once mentioned in a special report titled Giving thanks may make your brain more altruistic that daily gratitude is not a meaningless custom, but is actually helpful to the mind and body.

Many foreign reports like this will mention the benefits of gratitude. Is the power of gratitude meditation really so powerful?

What should you be grateful for?

Gratitude is a change in thought. Practicing gratitude meditation can change your view of the world. In the movie “Soul,” the soul “No. 22” who was unable to reincarnate because he could not find the spark of life finally discovered what he was suffering from. The sparks you pursue are those inconspicuous things in life, such as a piece of delicious pizza, fallen leaves blown by the wind, and sunshine. In fact, living itself is a beautiful thing!

Gratitude can start from any small thing, even if these things are ordinary, they are the beginning of gratitude practice. Try to input the impression of gratitude into your brain, and one day you will really start to feel happy for these little things.

How to practice gratitude meditation?

You can choose a time when you can be quieter to do gratitude meditation. Before going to bed is a good time, which can make people calm down and reflect carefully. If meditation can make our mood calmer and more stable, then gratitude can transform our thoughts and make us view the world more positively. Remember to try practicing it every day!

Step1: Calm down and take a deep breath (can be paired with soft music in the background)

Step2: Think about the things that made you feel good throughout the day

Step3: Record these things and read them out to express your gratitude for these things

Step4: Thank you for the things you are grateful for today, and summarize today

When you first start practicing, don’t feel frustrated because you can’t think of anything to be grateful for. Just allowing yourself to start practicing gratitude meditation is a thing worth being grateful for, because slowly you will start to notice the small blessings in life.

Cultivating the thought of gratitude

Christina Karns, a neuroscientist at the University of Oregon, has further confirmed through rigorous scientific experiments that the habit of gratitude meditation can really affect our health.

Gratitude meditation for 10 to 15 minutes a day for 3 weeks can help heal the body and mind. In the above experiment, it was also mentioned that gratitude is a positive emotion. Compared with the negative emotions caused by complaining, gratitude It can help stabilize mood and have obvious positive feedback on mental and physical health.

Although we all know that gratitude is a good habit that is often mentioned, this cliché needs to be done consistently and steadily, and a true understanding of its secrets will make you more motivated in implementation, rather than being cliche.

A gratitude meditation practice can help change your mind, whether your days are good or bad. Even though the environment is difficult to change quickly, changing our thoughts can help us have more positive emotions and help stabilize our body, mind and soul.

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