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What Are the Benefits of Yoga for the Mind? 10 Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India and has become popular around the world in recent years. Before most people come into contact with yoga, they probably only know that yoga is related to flexibility. But in fact, yoga is not just about stretching. The benefits of yoga to the body are not only to improve flexibility, but also to improve cardiopulmonary capacity, muscle endurance, balance, Comprehensive indicators of physical fitness such as coordination are significantly helpful, and are also beneficial to the performance of other sports, so many athletes use yoga to assist in their exercises.

This article will focus on the benefits of yoga to the body and explain in detail how yoga benefits the body. If you want to know the benefits of practicing yoga for your body, you may wish to continue reading:

10 benefits of yoga for the body, far beyond your imagination!

  1. Improve balance
    There are many postures in yoga that involve the balance of the body, such as standing postures such as tree pose, eagle pose, warrior pose, etc. When completing these poses, you need to rely on core muscle strength, balance and coordination to maintain your body. It is stable and does not sway. Repeated practice and extending the time of a single practice will help improve balance.
  2. Increase flexibility and coordination
    When doing many exercises, you can increase your body’s flexibility and coordination, and yoga practice is no exception. Yoga exercises include dynamic flows and static stops. During the transformation of different yoga postures, it can help to use different muscles and joints of the body, thereby increasing the flexibility of the body and the mutual coordination between the limbs.
  3. Improve softness
    Many people think that flexibility must be very good to do yoga, but in fact it is just the opposite. Compared with people with good flexibility, people with poor flexibility should do yoga more! This is because yoga helps develop flexibility, as well as lengthening, stretching and relaxing muscles. For people who maintain the same posture for a long time and have tight muscles, regular yoga practice can improve body softness and muscle elasticity.
  4. Strengthen muscle endurance
    There are many types of yoga, which can be roughly divided into yang yoga, which requires a lot of muscle training, and yin yoga, which requires stretching and relaxation. When completing yoga poses, it involves the cooperation of muscles in various parts of the body, especially Yang yoga vinyasa (rocket yoga, Ashtanga yoga). The poses are often more difficult and require more precise and smooth movements, which are useful for strengthening muscle endurance. Quite effective.
  5. Improve immunity
    Immunity is related to all aspects of body function. Research shows that doing more yoga and exercising can strengthen the immune system and respond to viruses. The benefits of yoga practice to the body include helping the circulation of lymph and blood, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body, and eliminating metabolic waste, which will promote physical health and enhance immunity. India’s official traditional medicine promotion Ministry of Ayush mentioned that you can usually do rabbit pose and savasana to reduce stress, or triangle pose and camel pose to promote blood circulation to improve immunity. The breathing rule recommends practicing “alternate nostril breathing” ”.
  6. Adjust your posture
    The benefits of yoga in adjusting the body are obvious to all. The posture adjustment referred to here is not limited to losing weight and getting in better shape. Regular practice of specific yoga movements can also help improve posture problems such as rounded shoulders and hunched back, forward/backward tilt of the pelvis, scoliosis, and long and short feet!
  7. Improve digestion
    When doing twisting yoga poses (such as seated forward bends and King of Fish poses), the abdominal digestive organs will be gently massaged to allow intestinal peristalsis, thereby promoting digestion and reducing gastrointestinal burden and discomfort. This is why many people do yoga The reason why you fart easily!
  8. Beneficial to the respiratory system
    In yoga practice, great emphasis is placed on the coordination of breathing, and there are also a variety of breathing exercises in traditional yoga teaching, such as: alternate nostril breathing, buzzing breathing, head glow breathing, etc. Regular practice of different breathing methods not only benefits the respiratory system and reduces the occurrence of respiratory infections, but also makes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves operate more smoothly and harmoniously.
  9. Helps sleep
    Modern people often suffer from insomnia, and the benefits of yoga to the body definitely include helping to sleep. In addition to the fact that yoga practice may consume a lot of physical energy, it can make people’s bodies relax more easily after exhaustion. It can also help people release stress and express depression, so that worries will no longer linger, and they can naturally fall asleep better. A survey shared on the Harvard Medical School website showed that more than 55% of yoga practitioners said yoga helped them improve their sleep quality.
  10. Relieve menstrual pain
    Finally, diligent practice of hip-opening and hip-mobilizing yoga postures is also generally believed to be helpful to a certain extent in relieving menstrual pain in women. This may be related to activating blood circulation in the hips. Using assistive devices to do hip-opening Yin yoga exercises before or during menstruation can also help relax the body and mind and relieve discomfort during menstruation.

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