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Stop Being so Angry! 8 Ways to Express Your Anger

Anger and anger may appear more often in many people’s lives than happiness and happiness. The founder of individual psychology, Alfred Adler believed that anger is the emotion caused by trying to get others to listen to your opinions and do what you want. And you may find that the reasons for your anger always come from being around other people. Although everyone may interpret the meaning of anger differently, as long as we live in this society, we cannot avoid contact with others. Therefore, this article will introduce 8 ways to express anger to help you choose the “cooling down” step that suits you when your anger is high.

1.Breathe deeply with abdominal breathing

When we are angry, our breathing will become short and rapid to prepare the body for war. If we can consciously control the breathing speed at this time, and use abdominal breathing to maintain a slow inhalation and exhalation speed, our emotions will gradually ease. Come down. When inhaling air through the nose, carefully feel the air flowing into the body and the slight bulge in the belly, and then slowly exhale through the mouth. When you first start practicing abdominal breathing like this, you may not be used to it, but you can do it three times a day for a few minutes each time, and you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

2.Leave or switch environments

If you have an argument with someone and the conversation turns aggressive and emotional, you may want to consider leaving the situation to avoid losing your rationality in the process, which means you may say hurtful words to each other. In addition, if you already have dissatisfaction in your heart, it is best not to stay in an environment that will make you feel stressed. You might as well go for a walk in a nearby park, drive or ride a bike, or find a seat in a cafe with a good atmosphere. Let the anger and unhappiness slowly fade away.

3.Talk to someone who understands you

Human beings are very contradictory creatures. Our unhappiness comes from others, but we can also get help and support from others. For many people, sharing their negative emotions with someone who understands them and is on the same side as them is an excellent way to relax and reduce stress.

4.Practice empathy and communication

When quarreling, sometimes it is not the fault of either party, but it may be because both parties insist on their own ideas and try to persuade the other party, but neither succeeds, leading to anger. And in the moment of a quarrel, we tend to say whatever comes to our mind and ignore the other person’s feelings.

It takes time to practice being able to stand in the other party’s shoes. We can first review our own problems in each dispute, and think about the other party’s communication and solution methods. Once we get used to this mode, we can use it when disputes occur. present. Before blurting out hurtful words, you might as well listen to the other person express their thoughts and give yourself time to think, so that you can convey your thoughts to the other person in a better way and reduce a lot of unpleasantness.

5.If you hate people, avoid them

If you hate crowded places, try to avoid them if possible. For example, if you can’t stand chatting with colleagues and think it will affect your work efficiency, then bring your own headphones. Whenever you feel that your anger index is rising, pay attention to what makes you angry and try to avoid it or improve it in other ways to reduce the accumulation speed of negative emotions.

6.Keep telling yourself to calm down

When you feel that you are about to lose control and your anger is about to explode, repeatedly saying to yourself “calm down” or “relax” and other short sentences with calm meanings can help you regain your rationality and get back to the boiling point. Cool down gradually. You can also use this method when you are faced with a situation where you are overwhelmed and your head is in chaos, to help you reorganize your thoughts and speed up the processing of problems.

7.Relieve stress by secreting endorphins in the brain through exercise

For people who value CP first, exercise is definitely the most cost-effective way to relieve stress. Whether you choose running, playing ball, heavy training or swimming, while exercising, the human body will secrete endorphins. Make you feel physically and mentally comfortable and in a happy mood. In addition, exercise can also keep you healthy and reduce the burden caused by aging and declining physical strength.

8.Don’t trap yourself in negative emotions

Sometimes the thing that made you angry has been solved, or you have left the environment. In addition to the person leaving, please also move your mind away. Don’t get stuck in the thought of “I am angry because…” , you can use the aforementioned exercises or deep breathing to focus your attention on other activities to avoid being immersed in negative emotions.

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