5 Key Ways to Eat Oats!

“I eat very little, why is my condition still not ideal?” Many patients are very cautious about their diet, worried about eating too much, and even deliberately avoid eating starch. However, they often get hungry in the afternoon and grab biscuits and snacks, and instead eat more high-sugar and high-fat foods.

Grasp three principles, and you will basically have the right choice of sugar:

  1. Choose more non-starchy vegetables (such as sweet potato leaves, green vegetables, etc.) and consume fruits in moderation
  2. Focus on original foods and reduce intake of processed foods
  3. Reduce added sugar and refined starch, such as white rice, white bread, and white porridge. At least 1/3 of daily staple foods should be whole grains, such as oats, brown rice, whole grain rice, etc.

If you are diabetes, you are not only watching out for the sugar content of the nutrition fact label, but also need to pay attention of the carbohydrate content.

Superfood Oatmeal: Nutrition and Benefits

Oats contain dietary fiber. Water-soluble dietary fiber (such as beta-polydextrose) can coat sugars in food, allowing nutrients to be absorbed stably. Dietary fiber can also provide a feeling of satiety and help maintain normal digestive tract function. and promote metabolism. A study in the “European Journal of Nutrition” found that consuming 50 grams of oats every day for a month can help health values ​​return to the ideal target. In addition, oats contain essential linoleic acid, sub-linolenic acid and monounsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamin B complex, E, zinc, magnesium, etc., which help regulate physiological functions and maintain a healthy state.

There are so many oatmeal products on the market, how to choose the right oatmeal? 3 smart choices and 5 healthy eating methods are revealed! Here are three ways to select oats:

Method 1. Choose oatmeal with no sugar added and low carbohydrate

Although most oatmeal are low GI and high in fiber, they are mostly high in carbohydrates and have little protein. However, there are some oatmeal specified for no sugar added with low carbohydrates.

Method 2. Avoid too much “sugar, seasoning, and processing”

Choose prototype oats. Avoid adding extra sugar and flavorings; use less processing. The refining process will lose nutrients and reduce dietary fiber content.

Method 3. Choose major brands to ensure food safety

Food safety is ensured at every level, from raw material selection, in-factory production management, to pesticide inspection before products are put on the market.

5 healthy ways of how to eat oats

How to eat 1. Oatmeal replaces “delicate staple food” instead of eating more

Although it is encouraged to replace refined staple foods with whole grains, oats are carbohydrates and should be replaced in portion size, such as a bowl of functional oatmeal instead of a bowl of white rice.

How to eat 2. Combine it with nutritional supplements

Enjoy the no sugar, low carbohydrate oatmeal at different meals, so you won’t consume too many carbohydrates in one meal.

How to eat 3. Add more water

When adding a lot of water-soluble fiber to your diet, you should add more water to make bowel movements smooth.

How to eat 4. Pair with soy milk

When using oatmeal, you can add sugar-free soy milk to consume complete plant-based protein.

How to eat 5. Not recommended for patients with kidney disease

Oatmeal contains phosphorus and potassium, so it is not recommended for patients with kidney disease and dialysis. If you have questions about your diet, please consult a physician or nutritionist for the best advice.


The one-pack of brewed “oatmeal” or “oatmeal” on the market usually contains modified starches such as corn starch and maltodextrin. These are fast-digesting starches and only take about 20 minutes to eat. It will turn into glucose fast that is high GI index which is dangerous to diabetes. Also it is easily stored as fat, which will not achieve the effect of weight loss.

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