Ear Bleeding

What Should I Do If My Ears Bleed?

Digging ears to remove earwax is one of the daily cleaning steps for many people, but accidentally digging too deep or too hard can easily cause ear bleeding. We will analyze the 6 major causes of ear bleeding for you, and teach you daily solutions to smelly or excessive earwax.

Earwax formation

Earwax is a waxy substance, also known as cerumen, a mixture of sebaceous and sweat gland fatty secretions on the wall of the external auditory canal. Jaw movements while chewing or speaking help push these secretions to the external auditory canal. When large amounts of debris accumulate, or if it stays in the ear canal for a long time, the earwax will gradually dry and harden.

As we age, the secretions of the glands in the ear also change, making the earwax drier and may not clean itself as effectively as it used to. Ear wax may be more likely to build up and become clogged in the ear canal, making it harder to pass through the ear road.

What to do if your ears bleed, 6 Major Causes of Bleeding Ears

Ear bleeding can be caused by various conditions, including trauma and infection, and treatment depends on the cause. Symptoms may also accompany ear bleeding such as ear pain, fever, hearing loss, facial paralysis, dizziness, or ringing in the ears.


Causes of ear bleeding


    1.  Picking ears too hard
      If you pick your ear too hard, it can cause your ear to bleed. This type of injury is usually not serious, just keep the wound clean to avoid infection.


    2. Ruptured eardrum
      The eardrum is the membrane that protects the middle ear from bacteria, and when it tears, it bleeds. In addition, excessive noise, severe ear infections, and trauma can perforate or rupture the eardrum. The eardrum can also rupture due to sudden changes in air pressure while flying or scuba diving.


    3. Trauma
      Accidents or blows to the head can cause internal bleeding and ear trauma. If your ears are bleeding and you have had a recent head trauma, seek medical attention or ask your doctor immediately.
    4. Severe ear infection
      A middle ear infection can cause pain, temporary hearing loss, and fluid buildup in the ear. Bleeding is a common symptom of an ear infection that can cause the eardrum to rupture, as the infection causes fluid or pus to build up in the ear.
    5. Foreign body in ear
      It is common when children put small objects in their ears causing bleeding and pain.
    6. Ear cancer
      Although very rare, ear cancer can cause bleeding, numbness and hearing loss

What to do if too much earwax. Otolaryngologist to dig earwax

For most people, earwax is good for the body, but a clogged ear canal can lead to earaches, infections, and other problems. If there is enough earwax to plug the ear, the earwax can stimulate the “vagus nerve” branch of the outer ear, which can cause coughing. In addition, excessive earwax can lead to hearing loss, so if you have excessive earwax, it is recommended to consult an otolaryngologist for assistance in cleaning.

How to improve earwax odor?

The smell of earwax is mainly the combination of sweat and bacteria in the earwax. If the earwax smell bothers you, you can ask an otolaryngologist to clean it regularly, or prescribe an earwax softener, and clean it regularly by yourself to improve the problem of earwax smell. It should be noted that the smell of earwax may mean that the ear infection has caused damage to the middle ear. If you have any doubts, please consult a professional doctor for assistance.

  1. Regularly ask a doctor to help with ear digging
  2. Ask your doctor or pharmacy to prescribe earwax softeners
  3. Put a few drops of plain boiled water with salt into the ears, and let the liquid drain out after a minute.

Wet earwax and dry earwax are determined by genes, and 

They are also the key to determining body odor!  The gene that determines the shape of earwax exists in the dominant gene of ABCC11 in the human body. This gene will affect the changes in the secretion of human sweat glands, thus determining whether the type of earwax is wet or dry. Usually, the smell of wet earwax is heavier. In addition, it will also affect whether the human body has body odor (people with wet earwax usually also have body odor)



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