How to reverse your diabetes

How to Reverse Your Diabetes No Sugar Less Carbon

Reverse your diabetes? In the past few years, we have successfully helped many people reversing their diabetes reverse. There are two slogans worth remembering as follow:

No Sugar Less Carbon

Take Two Meals a Day

The two slogans we suggest to you are only for diabetes with obesity and fatty liver. Then you will ask how do you know I have a fatty liver. If you are a man, your waistline exceeds 90 centimeters (35.5 inches), then you have a high chance of having a fatty liver. If you are a woman, your waistline exceeds 80 centimeters (31.5 inches) There is also a good chance of having a fatty liver. Assuming your waistline does not exceed standard but your weight is overweight, that means your BMI is 23 kg/m2 (BMI >=23 kg/m2) or above you still have a chance of having a fatty liver. You can take a liver fibrosis scan (FibroScan) to confirm or you may have a blood test to see whether you have insulin resistance. If the blood test shows that you have insulin resistance which basically means you have fatty liver.

Two Slogans To Reverse Your Diabetes

There are two slogans that can help diabetics with obesity, fatty liver and insulin resistance to reverse diabetes so as to take less medicine. The first slogan is called

No Sugar Less Carbon

The major enemy of reversing diabetes is sugary drinks, such as soft drinks, fruit juices, and bubble tea.  Even if it is a soft drink that advertises zero sugar, the sugar substitutes used in it will also damage the intestinal tract’s health. There have been many studies in the past about sugar substitutes. It is also pointed out that regular drinking of soft drinks containing sugar substitutes will increase the risk of diabetes in the long run.

When you go to restaurants outside, you basically have three choices. One is lemon tea or lemon water without sugar or drink black coffee. Obese people with fatty liver and diabetes should remember that milk tea is no good. Evaporated milk in milk tea contains lactose, and half of lactose is glucose. Even if you have nothing to eat, drink a cup of hot milk tea with no added sugar. It will still increase blood sugar and insulin. There is one important point that many diabetics have not noticed. If you want to reverse diabetes, please do not drink icy cold drinks. To reverse diabetes, the first thing to do is reverse fatty liver. Frequent drinking of icy cold drinks will actually make it more difficult for us to reverse fatty liver. So next time you order a drink, you should choose hot lemon tea, hot lemon water or hot black coffee. Remember, it is no good to add milk or sugar to your drinks. If you feel your hands and feet are cold, we suggest you use sugar-free cocoa powder or green tea powder to mix it with hot water.  Hot drinks will help improve the cold hands and feet. If you are not sleeping well, there is a wonderful hot drink called “Lemon Balm Tea”.  If you think you are stressed, not sleeping well, and have cold hands and feet, I suggest you read the book “The Adrenal Reset Diet”.By Alan Christianson.  Improving stress and sleep, they are also helpful in reversing diabetes.

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Concern about how to choose fruit for diabetes we have the following suggestion. That is, if you are taking medication for diabetes but your blood sugar is still in the range of diabetes. That is, if your fasting blood sugar is 7 mmol/L or above and the glycated hemoglobin HbA1c  is 6.5% or above, you must work hard to quit fructose. If you really want to eat fruits, you can choose avocados, olives, tomatoes, and passion fruits. You can also add some lime juice and lemon juice to your drinking water to get vitamin C.

“No Sugar” means that 

“Do not eat sweet food” 

“Do not drink sugary drinks”

Also please do not take any drink with sugar substitutes. If you really want a little sweetness, you can use Monk Fruit Sweetener or Rare Sugar or (Allulose)

Less Carbon To Reverse Diabetes

What about “Less Carbon”? It means reducing the intake of carbohydrates.There are three hidden dangerous foods to diabetics. They are alcohol, sugar and wheat products. Generally speaking, the higher the blood sugar or the more serious the fatty liver the carbohydrates should be taken as less as possible. It is not easy for most people to abstain from all carbohydrates. Usually, we would suggest some obese diabetics with fatty liver to quit wheat products,including bread, biscuits, sandwiches, pizza, macaroni, spaghetti, pasta and noodles etc.. Although oats are not wheat products they are high in carbohydrates. For diabetics who are obese and have fatty liver, if you eat oats for breakfast every day, your chance of successfully reverse your diabetes is zero. That means your chance to stop taking diabetes medicine is almost impossible.

If you want to prevent your blood sugar from spiking after a meal, one of the methods is to eat enough green leafy vegetables first, then eat protein and fat, and finally eat starch or carbohydrates. If you don’t want to eat all carbohydrates at once, you can eat half a bowl of rice at noon and half at night. You can eat brown rice or you may add red rice, black rice or brown rice to the white rice. Adding quinoa is also a good choice as GI is 53 but don’t add too much as it also contains carbohydrates. These methods can help lower and control blood sugar after meals. Please note that for an ideal sugar level, please do not let your sugar level rise more than 1.7mmol/L two hours after meal. So the slogan “Less Carbon” means to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. I think the most important thing is that you give up wheat products first

We would like to recommend two books discussing wheat products.

One is “Wheat Belly” by William Davis and the other is “Grain Brain”.by Dr. David Perlmutter

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After reading these two books, you will understand why wheat products are so important for reversing diabetes. Please remember that the first slogan for reversing diabetes is 

No Sugar Less Carbon

The second slogan is

Two Meals A Day

There are some books for reversing diabetes. Whether it is an author who advocates a low-carb ketogenic diet or an author who advocates using meal replacements to reverse diabetes or another authors who advocate using a whole-food plant-based diet to reverse diabetes

They all mention that intermittent fasting is of great help in improving blood sugar. Basically, there are no authors who recommend eating less with frequent meals. So I have to earnestly suggest that if you want to reverse diabetes and take less medicine, you must not eat less with frequent meals. There will only be one result if you eat less with frequent meals. You need to take more medicine from time to time. Taking two meals a day is actually very simple. You only eat two meals a day. Most of the diabetics netizens of this website choose to eat lunch and dinner and quit breakfast. Some of you are advocating that they eat breakfast and lunch from early 7:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon, and quit dinner. If you can do it, I have no objection. We just think that if you cannot eat with your family at night, you may not enjoy a happy family gathering. If you cannot have dinner with your partner or good friends after work on a happy Friday, you may not enjoy a happy life.

You may ask when I should take medicine if I only eat two meals a day. What? It is actually very simple. If you choose to eat lunch and dinner, you only need to adjust the medicine you take in the morning and transfer them to lunch. When you eat two meals, your blood sugar will drop significantly soon. If it really drops, you better seek the advice of your doctor whether to reduce the medication. Above suggestions are only for obese diabetics with fatty liver. If you are thin diabetics with weak pancreatic function, such as type 1 diabetes, type 1.5 diabetes, or diabetics with pancreatic disease. The above suggestions are not suitable for you. If you are have  insulin injections everyday, please discuss with your doctor first. Do not stop or reduce injections by yourself. I think you need to remember the following three key points:

  1. For obese diabetics with fatty liver, if you want to reverse diabetes please use the two slogans “No Sugar Less Carbon Eat Two Meals A Day”
  2. You can change the time of taking medicine from morning and evening to noon and evening. If you take a lot of medicine and some medicines need to be taken three times a day, we suggest you discuss the medicine arrangement with your doctor.
  3. For thin diabetics with weak pancreatic function, “No Sugar Less Carbon Eat Two Meals A Day” is not suitable for you because you will easily losing muscle

The last book we strongly recommend to reverse your diabetes is published by

Reverse Your Diabetes Diet By Dr. David Cavan

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Written By Fairview Life Team

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