Alcohol and Diabetes

Can People With Diabetes Drink Alcohol? Alcohol Can Cause Hypoglycemia, Co Be Careful

Some people think that you cannot drink alcohol if you have diabetes, but as long as you drink it in moderation, it will have no effect on blood sugar. Alcohol itself will not raise blood sugar, but some wine may contain sugar. For example, some sugar may be added to liqueur or flavored wine. Drinking wine will also consume a lot of sugar. If this type of sugary wine is not used, but an increase in blood sugar is observed the day after drinking, it is often the food that is consumed with the alcohol that contains sugar that causes the increase in blood sugar.

Alcohol inhibits gluconeogenesis

Alcohol itself actually lowers blood sugar slightly. Alcohol is metabolized by the liver. The liver itself has the function of converting other nutrients into sugar. This is called “glycogenesis”, which is the process of making sugar by the liver.

Alcohol inhibits gluconeogenesis in the liver, so when you drink a lot of alcohol, gluconeogenesis will be inhibited. If hypoglycemia occurs at this time, it is very dangerous, and patients may not be able to tell whether they have hypoglycemia. Usually when hypoglycemia occurs, the body will show some warnings, such as dizziness, cold sweats, etc. If you are drunk and have hypoglycemia, and you are unable to deal with it, and others do not notice it, it is very dangerous and may lead to coma.

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People with diabetes can drink alcohol but not on an empty stomach

People with diabetes can drink alcohol, but they must not drink on an empty stomach, and do not drink to excess! Alcohol inhibits the liver’s reaction to decompose glycogen into glucose. When drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, alcohol inhibits the release of glucose into the blood. When blood sugar cannot maintain balance, severe hypoglycemia will occur.

In addition, some wines will be made with added sugar and other auxiliary ingredients. The first thing to avoid is rose wine, red dew wine, fruit wine, fruit beer or Japanese sake. This type of alcohol will indeed make you drink more. The higher the blood sugar. Different regions also have different regulations on the sweetness level and labeling methods of wine.

Set an appropriate range based on alcohol concentration

The so-called appropriate amount of wine means using special cups for wine, 2 cups a day for boys and 1 cup for girls. For example, use a red wine cup with an appropriate amount, 1 cup is about 100~120 c.c.; use a sorghum cup for distilled wine It’s about 30~40c.c.

However, sorghum cannot be packed in red wine cups, which means that appropriate cups must be used to hold the right amount of wine. Usually, one cup is exactly one equivalent. Diabetic patients can still enjoy the beauty of wine tasting.

If you want to make an calculation, you can refer to the following table. For example: the alcohol concentration of draft beer is marked as 3%. Boys are recommended to drink 1 serving a day, and girls are recommended to drink 1 serving a day. In other words, boys can drink 1,000 a day. c.c., girls can drink 500c.c. a day.

Please remember not to drink too much and do not drink on an empty stomach! In the event of hypoglycemia, it is easy for people to be confused and unable to make correct judgments, resulting in irreparable danger. When drinking on an empty stomach, it is easy to cause hypoglycemia due to the effect of hypoglycemic drugs. Originally, the body can adjust itself in a state of mild hypoglycemia and decompose glycogen in the liver into glucose to increase blood sugar. However, alcohol inhibits the decomposition of glycogen. Drinking on an empty stomach is therefore dangerous.

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