Drugs Addiction

Is it Difficult to Make Friends and Prefer to be Alone? Spot the 10 Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug-related news emerges one after another, which not only causes social problems, but also has a great impact on health. Coupled with the influence of partying, nightclubs, and pop culture, there are more and more opportunities to come into contact with drugs. The following will help you understand the dangers of drugs and learn how to detect signs of drug abuse in people around you.

Health hazards of drug use

Drug abuse can affect a person’s behavior and long-term physical and mental health. In serious cases, the consequences may even be irreversible.

Short-term negative effects of drug use on behavior

  1. Causing people to behave in risky and irrational ways.
  2. It makes people more likely to have accidents, whether driving or at home.
  3. More likely to be a victim of sexual assault, engage in risky sexual behavior, have an unwanted pregnancy, or contract an STD.
  4. May cause a person to have the urge to commit sexual assault or commit an act of violence.
  5. It makes it difficult to fall asleep, poor thinking logic, memory loss, and inability to solve problems.

The long-term health risks of drug abuse

  1. Bald
  2. Addiction, overdose
  3. Cancer, such as lung cancer
  4. Causing harm to the fetus
  5. Women’s hair grows as thick as men’s
  6. Oral problems such as bad breath, tooth decay, and bite difficulties
  7. Excessive mood swings and extremely unstable behavior
  8. Infectious diseases, such as through sharing needles or other risky behaviors
  9. Damage various organs, including throat, stomach, lungs, liver, pancreas, heart, brain or nervous system
  10. Developing mental illness, severe suicidal tendencies
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Watch out for the following signs of drug abuse

People who are taking drugs usually have a big gap in their behavior from before, which allows others to spot the clues. The following provide ten common phenomena to determine whether a person may have drug addiction problems and provide him with the necessary assistance in a timely manner.

  1. Friendship situations become complicated.
  2. Become alone a lot.
  3. Spend less time with family and friends.
  4. Loss of interest in favorite things.
  5. Emotions fluctuate greatly and change quickly.
  6. Becoming careless and unconcerned with things around you.
  7. Irregular work and rest, day and night reversed.
  8. There is a big change in food intake.
  9. Having problems getting along with people.
  10. Problems with daily living and self-care abilities.

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