Fluctuation of Blood Sugar

The Fluctuation of Blood Sugar Level After Meal

It is vital to closely monitor the fluctuation of blood sugar level before and after the meals. I strongly believe diabetes is a nutritional disease. Seriously, control the type of food and the amount of food you take is better than taking medicine to control.

There are often many people walks along the river banks and parks after dinner time, and many of them walk for digesting the meal. Don’t underestimate the simple act of walking. The latest journal noted that people who took a walk after a meal had more stable insulin and blood sugar fluctuations than those who were sedentary. Regular and quantitative diet, choice of low GI foods, and moderate exercise are important principles for stabilizing blood sugar

Blood sugar control is extremely important for people with diabetes, and has a great relationship with future prognosis, the probability of complications, and the ability to protect themselves from deterioration. If the patient does not monitor blood glucose changes, the increase in blood glucose is often not noticed.

In fact, good blood sugar control is not limited to diabetics, the normal people should also pay attention to blood sugar, because rapid spikes and rapid declines in blood sugar increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease, especially “pre-diabetic patients.” They have the opportunity to adjust their lifestyle and give their blood sugar a chance to return to normal without taking medicine.

How to know the blood sugar status? Compare the blood sugar before and two hours after a meal. Based on the comparison of different meals every day, you can understand the blood sugar fluctuations, whether there is a rapid rise or a rapid decline. Such strict monitoring is mainly for diagnosed diabetes.

The blood sugar fluctuation of normal people is not so large. In theory, it should be controlled within 30 mg/dl (about 1.7 mmol/L) rise before and after meals, and within 60 mg/dl (about 3.3 mmol/L) rise for diabetics. When the blood sugar difference between before and after meals is too large, it is very likely that the amount of sugar in the meal is too much and the diet is unbalanced. You may need to review your diet menu again. The sooner you can stabilize blood sugar control, the better you can control related complications.

People should not think too complicated about stable blood sugar control. Just eat regularly and quantitatively, and at the same time with moderate exercise, and choose low GI foods to help blood sugar fluctuations. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you must also take medicine regularly if prescribed by a doctor.

In fact, 2-5 minutes of walking after eating can also help lower blood sugar. The study mainly analyzed past research data and compared the effects of sitting, standing, and single walking on the body’s insulin and blood sugar levels. It was found that even standing up for more activities and walking during the day is actually beneficial to stabilizing blood sugar. of.

The study also specifically mentioned that because blood sugar will spike within 60-90 minutes after eating, if you want to stabilize blood sugar by walking, you can start it after eating. Some people with diabetes who do not have the habit of exercising themselves may wish to start with a simple walk after three meals, or even stand up and exercise, which is helpful for lowering blood sugar after meals.

After adjusting in the above way, we will observe one week to two weeks. Although blood sugar will not change immediately, it is still recommended that patients find at least one paired blood sugar monitoring before meals and after meals every day.

If affordable, I strongly recommend to use FreeStyle Libre sensor which no longer need finger-prick. Painless 1-second scan to monitor your glucose throughout the day. You just scan the sensor as many time as you like throughout the day. Also, you can write down the food and quantity that you take after each meal. Most important of all it display a continous graphic report to show you the up and down of sugar level. All the data generate will send automatically to your doctor. If you have sufficient data for over 3 months, then the A1C index will display.

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