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2 Tips for Parents to Help Teenagers Get Rid of Mobile Phone Addiction

Research shows that using mobile phones before going to bed can have various adverse effects on physical health, such as difficulty falling asleep, poor sleep quality, and worsening of health conditions. But for most teenagers, it is already a common phenomenon to put their mobile phones under their pillows while sleeping. In fact, teenagers are aware of the problems that may arise from this, but most of them just cannot resist the temptation to use their mobile phones before going to bed. The following will tell you what effects using mobile phones before bed has on teenagers.

Research findings on smart phone use before bed

Experts have conducted many relevant studies on the impact of using mobile phones before going to bed on human health. A recent article published in the Journal of Youth Studies in 2017 pointed out that researchers conducted a study and survey on 900 teenagers aged 12 to 15 years old, and found that 20% of them would get up in the middle of the night to use their mobile phones. , or checking social media messages, comments, etc., which will lead to poor sleep quality. Teenagers with poor sleep quality are three times more likely to suffer from frequent fatigue than teenagers with adequate sleep. In addition, adolescents with poor sleep quality have significantly worse physical health conditions than other adolescents.

Why Teenagers Use Smart Phones Before Bed

Research results indicate that there is a strong attachment relationship between teenagers and their mobile phones. Because the temptation for teenagers to bring their mobile phones with them when sleeping is so strong, researchers have even developed a scale to measure the attachment relationship between teenagers and mobile phones to analyze the strength of the relationship. The results show that teenagers feel a high sense of security if their cell phones are always with them. However, teens can become intensely restless when away from their phones for short periods of time. What is even more surprising is that the more parents try to take away teenagers’ mobile phones, the more intense the conflict between them and teenagers becomes.

2 tips for parents to deal with

  1. Communicate with teenagers about the use of mobile phones
    Instead of stipulating that mobile phones cannot be used before going to bed, causing them to be extremely rebellious, parents should communicate more with their teenagers in advance. During the conversation, you can list the negative effects of cell phone use before bed and ask your child if he or she agrees. At the same time, you can also understand the reasons why children often use mobile phones before going to bed; sometimes, there are some basic reasons why children are addicted to using mobile phones, such as: maybe the children are facing a lot of stress or are worried about something, and using mobile phones makes them feel relaxed or helps them They divert attention. Regardless, having an open discussion with your teen before making any decisions can help your teen feel respected and promote a better parent-child relationship.
  2. Don’t use mobile phones before going to bed, the whole family works together
    Requiring family members to go to bed when the time is up is not only beneficial to the health of infants and toddlers, but also to the health of teenagers. You can remind your teen that in addition to using your phone, there are other ways to soothe and relax before bed, such as taking a hot bath, reading a book, or writing in a journal. Alternatively, you can find a place outside your bedroom and have all family members put their phones in the same place before going to bed.

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